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So let’s come and decide which gadget or applications or technical related query is for you.

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Zoom App Now Has Features to Prevent Zoombombing

Let's first understand why this Features has been introduced by Zoom Meeting App. As in this quarantine time many of us are now working from home or else doing video calls to friends and families. In recent days Zoom app is in demand as you all can see it now ...
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Important Announcement regarding recent hike of #GST Rates for Mobile Phones!!!

Hey Smartphone Fans, As we know that Our Country India is the biggest smartphone users. Over 50 crore Indians are now using smartphones, and the Indian mobile handset market, second largest in the world, is expected to grow in single-digits in 2020. Earlier last month the GOOD AND SERVICE TAX ...
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Top Upcoming Smartphones in India – April 2020

As you all now many of events have been canceled due to this very scary situations because of the virus named as Coronavirus or Covid-19 And it has affected technologies electronic gadgets launching much more many of Smartphones have moved there launching date because of this Covid-19. So,Here are some ...
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Samsung Galaxy M30s – Price in India, Specification

Samsung Galaxy M series comes with a mid-range price tag and bring some amazing features like long-lasting battery, powerfull processor, and best camera quality, it also has fast charging support. Overall the smartphone is amazing with an affordable price tag. Samsung, the company has launched Samsung Galaxy M30s monster with ...
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OnePlus 7 Pro – price in India,Specification,Review

Hello OnePlus fans we are back with another review of OnePlus masterpiece known as OnePlus 7 pro. OnePlus have released another flagship beast known as OnePlus 7 pro.And before going into much detail let us tell you that it's the most expensive OnePlus mobile right now along with 7t pro ...
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