5 Amazing Things SIRI Could Do!

So the question is what SIRI Could Do?? This blog is for you guys who are wishing to know more about Siri, Apple claims that Siri is faster than humans and easier to handle and yes it’s true.

Many users say that Siri is just overrated as it’s of no use as much as Apple says, but sorry we don’t agree with as we bring to 5 most amazing things about Siri could do and you rare know it.

It’s always lovely to talk about Siri I can talk to Siri all day as I m free 24 hours but 24×7 hahaha. Siri is so lovely that you forget about your girlfriend but conditions apply if you have one.

Siri For You!

5 most amazing things about Siri could do are:

  1. Refer To People By Their Relationship To You
  2. Can Solve Maths Problems Easily
  3. Keep Your Commands Private
  4. Search Specific Web Pages
  5. Learn To Pronounce Names Properly

Refer To People By Their Relationship To You

Every user knows that you can call by name to any person but sometimes it’s awkward when you call your parents or any blood relation as you speak out the full name so, in this feature, you can set a relationship with that contact in Siri

Like calling Anny Edward can simply turn into siri plz call my MOM.

But Siri will not know this automatically so simply you have to first add this information in Siri by saying “Hey Siri, Anny Edward is my Mom,” And Siri will add this information.


But, You need to have a contact card for yourself on your iPhone. If it doesn’t show you contact card on the top of the contact app than –

  • Go to Settings
  • Siri & Search
  • My Information

Can Solve Math Problems Easily

You Need to know “What is plus/times/divided by/minus for numbers?” Siri is there and will do the math calculations for just their lovely users.

Learn To Pronounce Names Properly

Want to Pronounce Names Correctly?? Let’s see what siri can do for you!

One of Siri’s best features is learning how to say a name. If Siri blunders a friend’s name, or ironically can’t find a friend’s contact when your pronunciation differs from the saved contacts, don’t worry just say Hey Siri!! (just kidding).

Decide which contact you would like to change in the manner of the pronunciation, then just ask Siri for their contact number. When Siri speaks up with the contact’s number, say “That’s not how you pronounce that name”.

Siri will just provide few pronunciation[Names] options, and you can choose from that and use it.

Search Specific Web Pages

amazing things about Siri could do
Amazing things about Siri could do
  1. Press and hold the Home button.
  2. You’ll hear Siri is ready for your request.
  3. Tell Siri what you want to find, beginning with “Search the web for” or “Do a search for.”
  4. Tap the website that best addresses your query.
  5. Or else scroll to the next page for more results.

Or else you can try:

Tell Siri to “Search the web for” Or if you’d rather use a specific search engine, say “Search yahoo for”.

Keep Your Commands Private

Sometimes it just awkward to talk with siri in public as she is much more flirty [hahaha] just joking.

Sometimes it feels like siri should not speak loud as you are in public place so here is solution for that:-

SIRI Could Do
  1. Open the Settings app & go to Siri & Search.
  2. Then change the Siri Feedback option to Only with “Hey Siri”.
  3. It may appear as Voice Feedback > Hands-Free Only instead depending on your iOS version.

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