About Us

We started On 2020, AdvancedTechnologyStore is Growing website which focuses on Technology or you can say electronic gadgets and Learning too.

At ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY STORE , We discuss about electronic gadgets and make users clear about choosing better gadgets which is best for our users.

ATS motive is to reach to core of this world and let people learn and know more about technologies, Gadgets and programming languages. You must be thinking Why we have started learning blogs in this websites its just because our Founder Mr. Rahul Pratap Singh and CEO Mr. Deepak Vishwakarma dream is to Enter in education industry with some cool and valid technologies and growing study stuff.

Our Founder Mr. Rahul Pratap Singh has a dream to start coding and stock market learning for our great future stars and he want that it should be teach to same from Std. 7 itself in schools. So, he has taken an small initiative with this Website.

We here talk about and write about all technical world issues and anything which is relatable with the word technology Application ,electronic gadgets and everything you need to know about and anything that you want to know about like any related data you can contact us or comment us we will respond you back

So let’s come and decide which gadget or applications or technical related query is for you.

We cover everything and anything on technology here @ AdvancedTechnologyStore.com

Why Learn It Section?

As world is getting advanced in day to day life. We (ATS Group) don’t want anyone to remain in back rush and want everyone to be in front row and it can be only possible if you are willing to learn because we are ready to teach you free.

As ATS believes that Education should be free or if it can not for all at least it should be free for great learners and curious learners or else it should be at minimum cost so that everyone can afford it.


Rahul Pratap Singh

Deepak Vishwakarma

Vivek Bhadauriya

contact us on:- [email protected]

comment us on:- Advancedtechnologystore.com

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