Android vs. iOS, Which is best?

In today’s time when you buy Smartphone,high range of chances are there that it will be running on 2 operating systems:

  1. Android(Google)
  2. iOS(Apple)

Both iOS and Android are brilliant Operating systems its difficult to say which one is best???but we are writing this blog to tell you about it and share you correct information what we have from our research team.

To keep this blog simple and sort with accurate amount of knowledge for both the Operating systems,we are going to pick important points which differentiate both OS and let know you which OS is best for which platform.

Android vs iOS

App Store for Android vs. iOS

Google Play Store or Apple App Store

You easily find any of the application you need in App Store but It’s burdensome to organize millions of apps and Both Google Play Store or Apple App Store are good but Google play store has upper hand on Apple App store but in strictness Apple App store is ahead in this race of blocking certain types of apps.The Play Store is easier to search and install apps from the web browser on your PC or laptop.

From my point of view i think play store is better than App store.


As we all know Apple always has high end of the market in terms of pricing and comparing to its price i don’t think so that apple gives much more whereas Android too has some high-budget and it provides much more some examples are:- One Plus 7, Google’s Pixel 4 XL,Samsung galaxy S10 and many more.

So here Android has edge on iOS and Android is better option.

Apps for Android vs iOS

Total number of Apps you will find on both Operating System:-

  • Android apps: 2.87 million Apps
  • iOS apps: 2.57 million Apps

But number doesn’t mean that which is best what matter is quality ios were having many developers but as android market is growing day by day better many developers have switched to android from iOS and new developers are showing more interest in Android rather than iOS.But as i said quality matters the most and that quality is buildup iOS Apps.

So,here iOS takes a lead.


Apple Maps has improved significantly but the scale and quality of Google Maps are incomparable.It is generally more detailed than Apple Maps.Android has the default navigation app. if we r given choice we always prefer Google maps.Thing that Google Maps provides us Apple Maps doesn’t and that is cycling directions.

Here,clearly Android is far ahead of iOS.


Security issue is much more important topic to about because u all have personal data and privacy not to be displayed but does Android provides you that??that is big question and tackling this security situation is much important in this daily routine of yourself as many of us work on there smartphones for all kind of document like pdf ppt ,etc. but many android user will not understand because they do not go much from play store to download apps.

Regularly updates can take this security option to a next level like iOS does. Google claims that it has committed to fully protect user privacy and provides the A.I. services which it offers, but many security authority argue that Google presents a false choice between A.I. and privacy.

So,if you think your privacy is much important than anything else you can go for iOS.

Some of the main topics are also there to which can decide which is best Android vs iOS that are battery life and cloud service but we are not going in detail as we all know who is best in this both and why but than also let me tell you-

  • Battery life – Android
  • Cloud service – Android

if you any suggestions regarding this topic or another on our site you can comment us and let us know.Thank you come again

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