How to create streaming applications for Android and iOS?Like Netflix & Hotstar(part 1 & 2)

Hello all, Let’s Talk about How to create streaming applications for Android and iOS, wait a second how are you all in this Pandemic situation be safe and don’t step out of your unless and until it’s important.

Talking about Streaming apps, it’s going crazy everywhere and people are loving it for its flexibility(PC, Smartphone & SmartTV) and contents(Money heist, Dark & Breaking Bad). Online Streaming apps now have much value in the market.

All Streaming Apps has access to both Android as well as iOS. It’s not a piece of cake to create a great Streaming app but yes if your dreamed about definitely you can create one great streaming app i.e, Netflix, Hotstar & Amazon Prime.

To create streaming applications, you need some serious things to know which all are mention below:-

How to create Streaming Applications? (Part 1)

  1. Firstly Prepare strategy and make plans
  2. Think of all things and determine the scope of your application you are willing to make
  3. Make a good team and team backup too as streaming apps cannot be done and handle by one
  4. Identify the pattern of your software(Application) architecture
  5. Get a platform as a service account(PaaS) it is needed as it will provide a platform to create, manage and run the application
  6. For mobile, you should register for MBaaS too so you can operate with mobile phones
  7. Apply for good cloud streaming server
  8. And, make a plan for the management of the subscription of your client as its important from both prospective admin as well as users
create streaming applications

How to create Streaming Applications? (Part 2)

  1. Enable all In-App purchase by using e-commerce APIs
  2. Do coding for web App you can do it easily on Envato
  3. Test your Web app coding and deploy it
  4. Create a design for the user interface for Mobile application, create on StudioVo
  5. Develop an Android and iOS application and test it before releasing it on the platform(google play & app store).
  6. Then Publish your Application on Google Play and Apps store
  7. Use Project Management Tools for management of your application

What do you need to learn for creating a streaming app? i.e, Netflix and Hotstar

For creating Online streaming applications you need to have some great knowledge about programming i mean coding anything you like and need to learn more and more than only your application will stand ahead along in market and need some great business strategies too.

So, let start and know which languages, framework, and storage to need to learn, perform on and store on to create streaming applications

Languages need to learn

  • Java
  • Flutter
  • Swift
  • PHP

You can learn Java and PHP totally free at no cost on


You can learn Flutter from and the main thing is if you learn direct code be done for Android and iOS in the same platform.

Tool you need to learn

Frameworks on which you will or an work are listed below:-

  • Gradle
  • In-app purchase
  • Retrofit
  • Codeigniter
  • 3D touch
  • Push notification
  • cocoa-touch

You can learn Gradle from


You can learn CodeIgniter free from

Need to buy Storage

You should go for that cloud server which has less responsive time this will surely attract user and buffering will much less on any network.

some examples are:-

  • My SQL
  • AWS

You definitely need this severs as backend server & this will help your app in business flow.

Creating online streaming app is not easy but yes! if you think you can but remember you need great team to work with involving 3 -6 Software developers. Let us know which of streaming you are thinking or making plan to create, we will be happiest to help you out in any manner for free at no cost.

Best of luck for you application comeback again!

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