How to Hide Snapchat on an iPhone iOS 14?

Hey all, hope you all doing great, So you are here because you want to know how you can hide Snapchat on an iPhone iOS 14.

This blog is all about how to hide Snapchat on an iPhone iOS 14 or else on iPad too. Firstly, let me tell you all there is no official setting for hiding apps in your iPhone provided by Apple.

But don’t worry we right mark the solution for this and there is no doubt about it that these solutions are best. Let’s move on for the same.

So we are talking about a superb app named Snapchat and will provide a solution to how you can hide it on your iPhone iOS 14.

Hide Snapchat on an iPhone iOS 14

Best Ways to Hide Snapchat on an iPhone iOS 14

Hide Snapchat into App Library

App Library is a new concept introduced in iOS 14 it stores your apps and when you delete the app from a home screen then also you can access that app from the app library anytime, anywhere you want.

Firstly, Remove snapchat from the home screen.

  1. Long-press the Snapchat app icon from the home screen
  2. Select the Remove app.

Simply you can restore snapchat from social apps section again.

I can simply say that this is the best way to hide apps on your iPhone iOS 14. I will surely choose this option.

Hide Snapchat Using Screen Time Restrictions

Snapchat has age restrictions the same as Instagram & Facebook. we can stop the appearance of this app by using this restriction process. let’s go through the steps:

  • Go to the Settings App
  • Tap on Screen Time
  • Go to Content & Privacy Restrictions
  • Select Content Restrictions and Enter the pin
  • Tap Apps
  • And select 12+

Make Snapchat Unseen In-App Purchases on iPhone

Talking about Snapchat In App store, So you can simply hide Snapchat from app purchase in your iPhone.

  1. Go to the App Store.
  2. Click on your profile.
  3. Open Purchased
  4. Click on My Purchases.
  5. Find the Snapchat App and swipe left on it to the Hide app.

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