What is Dream11? How does it became so Famous?

Dream11 is a fantasy sports app that allows you to make teams by selecting players in their respective matches in a game and predict how a player will perform in a real match and you will get points in return and that leads you to win the contest and earn money.

This application has sports as mention below:

  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Kabbadi
  • Basketball

Is Dream11 legal?

In 2008 Harsh Jain and Bhavit Sheth co-founded Dream11. Users were increasing day by day and in 2014 it reached to 1 million subscriber. Following that, in 2018 It reached 45 million subscribers.

In 2019, Dream 11 became a unicorn startup. Dream11 is valued at 1.1 billion.

D11 living the dream as it is also the dominating player in the fantasy sports gaming market in India. Now, D11 has a market share of 90% of users in India’s fantasy sports sector.

Do users really earn money from Dream 11?

Yes, That’s the main reason why D11 got famous as India is the country where cricket no less than god worship and people love to play and watch cricket so most of the users in India think that why not we should earn by predicting and watching cricket.

From my personal experience I can say, Yes people earn money but if you want to win a huge contest really need to work hard on predicting.


Why Dream11 is so Famous?

D11 is most famous because of word of mouth by its user who is using this application. It allows users to earn more money i mean real money.

D11 become more famous after they reached 1 million subscribers in 2014.

And D11 is going to be more famous and going to earn more money and will definitely expand its users base and grow its market share just because Dream11 is now an official sponsor of IPL2020.

Dream11 really has sponsorship of IPL2020?

Yes, Dream11 is now an official sponsor of IPL2020.

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