How to activate DND in Vodafone?

Hello Everyone here we are discuss about “How to activate DND in Vodafone”.

In India here mobile numbers are not subscribed to NCPR, so any Telemarketer / Organizations can call you to promote their product or any of the services or send messages also if you want to stop this unwanted commercial communication then activate DND service.

There are multiples ways to activate DND services on the Vodafone website or simply by sending a message.

How to activate DND in Vodafone
How to activate DND in Vodafone

How to activate DND on Vodafone Website

you can easily activate the DND service on your mobile number by Vodafone website. follow these steps.

  1. Go to Vodafone official website.
  2. Go to Vodafone’s DND page.
  3. Enter your name, email address (as registered with Vodafone), and add Vodafone number.
  4. Under Full DND, Select Yes.
  5. Enter the captcha text and Click Submit.

How to activate DND on Vodafone via SMS or call

you can easily activate DND service on your Vodafone number by sending a message or making a phone call. Follow these steps.

  1. Send START 0 in an SMS to 1909. This will activate Full DND on your Mobile Number.
  2. After sending the message DND service is not activated then you can make a call to get this done. Call 1909 and then follow IVR prompts, this will activate DND.

DND Options for Vodafone Mobile

Fully Blocked: All commercial communications will be blocked.
Partially Blocked: Partially blocked option will block all commercial voice calls.
Single Preference: SMS: Start preference number to 1909.
Call: 1909 and follow the IVR guidance.
Multiple Preference: SMS: Start multiple-preference number to 1909.
Call: 1909 and follow the IVR guidance.

Deactivate DND from Vodafone number

if you want to deactivate DND then Organizations can communicate with you easily .
you can deactivate by message or phone call.follow these steps.

SMS : STOP to 1909.
Call : 1909 and follow the IVR guidance.

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