How to change the Telstra Wi-Fi password?

How to change the Telstra Wi-Fi password? I will tell you how to change your Telstra WiFi password, Just follow these steps..

Someone is using your WiFi network and you are paying a lot!! Then really need to change your WiFi password.

Firstly connect to your Wi-Fi home network, On Your Computer or tablet.

The first step is to get onto your Telstra-supplied modem’s ‘home page’:

Open a web browser like chrome, internet Explorer…Enter the URL for your modem, Once you type in in your browser, just go to or http://telstra.gateway/ on a computer that’s already connected via Wi-Fi. you should get to the modem log-in page.

Now let’s see, How to change the Telstra Wi-Fi password?

You should have a navigation bar like this at the top,

If you click the Wi-Fi option, you should then have a box like this

Update the Network Name and Network Key (password) as you wish, and then click Save.
You will be disconnected from Wi-Fi and will have to then reconnect again.

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