How to connect iPhone 11 with PC?

How to connect iPhone 11 with PC? If you want to transfer photos, videos, files, and documents from iPhone11 to PC then here we can give you some steps if you can follow it, then you can connect your iPhone with PC easily.

There are different types of methods, if you follow anyone, then you can easily connect your iPhone 11 to PC.

  1. By the use of iCloud.
  2. By the use of iTunes.
  3. By Manually

1) Connect iPhone 11 with PC By the use of iCloud

By the iCloud id, you can open its windows and access it on your PC.

connect iPhone 11 with PC
  1. Installed iCloud for windows on your computer.
  2. Set your Apple Id in iCloud
  3. On iPhone: Go to Settings > iCloud, then Turn On iCloud.
  4. On Windows: 1) Open iCloud in PC.
  5. Click the ‘Option’ button.
  6. Select “iCloud Folder” Folder that you want to select then click “Done”.
  7. Click “Apply” to confirm your settings.
  8. Find the iCloud icon which is given at the right bottom of your windows computer.
  9. Select Folder then tap on “Download” to scan your every file or document and transfer from iPhone to your computer.
  10. Once download complete you can see that document in “Download” Folder.

2) Connect iPhone 11 with PC By the use of iTunes

  1. Open iTunes on your PC.
  2. Connect your iPhone until your iPhone icon appears.
  3. Click on “iPhone icon”.
  4. Select “Folder” and then “sync”.
  5. Tap on “Apply” to start it download on your PC.

3) Connect iPhone 11 with PC By Manually

This is the most common way to connect every phone with a PC.

  1. Connect your iPhone to PC, then appear as “Portable devices” on PC.
  2. Click on iPhone 11 icon to open and select “Folder” that you want to transfer your PC.
  3. Than copy “Folder” and paste it to your PC.

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