How to Find Your Youtube Channel URL?

Many of us need our Youtube channel URL so we can share it on social media and gain view as it’s essential to have our youtube channel URL and attract our viewers and make some Likes,subscriber and Shares.

To find your URL, visit your youtube channel page and copy it from the address bar.

Basically,There are three types of Youtube channel URL;-

  • Legacy URLs (like
  • Standard URLs (like
  • Custom URLs (like
How to Find Your Youtube Channel URL?
How to Find Your Youtube Channel URL?

How to Get a Custom URL for your YouTube Channel??

To qualify for a custom URL

One which includes your channel name instead of a random sequence of letters – your YouTube channel needs to be at least 30 days old and need to have at least 100 subscribers, you have to be using a photo for the channel icon.

As long as your account meets these eligibility standards you can go to the creator studio dashboard and claim a custom URL for your YouTube channel.

Creating a custom URL for your YouTube channel start by signing into your YouTube account and going to the advanced account settings screen from the gear icon in the top right corner. After you click on the gear click on ‘advanced’ under your account name.

From here you can go to channel settings and find this link “You’re eligible for a custom URL”. This will only be available if your channel has met the eligibility requirements.

And if approved you will get Custom URL.

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