How to Hard Reset samsung Tablets?

If you all wish to know how to reset your samsung tablets than friends you are at right place there are many ways to reset your samsung tablets will talk about 2 ways,So lets start without wasting much time guys,

How to Reset samsung Tabs?


  • Before resetting your tablet, turn it off and then on again
  • Press and hold Volume up, Home and Power buttons until Samsung logo appears
  • Scroll to clear data/factory reset by pressing the Volume down button
  • Press the power button
  • Scroll to yes delete all user data by pressing the volume down button
  • Press the power button
  • The tablet will now wipe all contents
  • Press the power button
  • Now you tablet is rebooted


  • With the device ON, open “Apps” > “Settings“.
  • Select the “General” tab.
  • Select “Backup and reset“
  • Tap “Factory data reset“.
  • Check the “Format SD Card” option if desired.
  • This option will erase data on the SD card data like your gallery,apps, etc.
  • Tap “Reset device“.

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