How to pair Skullcandy Bluetooth earbuds?

Skullcanday wireless earbuds

Now you can have the truly wireless freedom you want in a look you can confidently rock. Indy lets you move seamlessly through your day with a secure fit and premium sound quality.
Skullcandy INDY is a Wireless technology earbuds. Which we can operate by connecting to our smartphones, It has ultimate touch control, call, track, volume via touch sensor.
battery life, you will get Upto 16 Hours of total battery life.


  • Bluetooth 5.0 wireless technology.
  • Removable stability ear gels for secure fit.
  • Up to 16Hours of total battery life.
  • Sweat, Water and Dust Resistant.
  • Touch control, Call, track and volume.
  • Noise Reduction for calls.
Skullcandy earbud

How to pair skullcandy bluetooth earbud?

  • Go to Settings and turn on Bluetooth.
  • Click Pair new devices.
  • When you see your Skullcandy device come up in the list.
  • Tap it and it should be paired with your phone.

Troubleshooting Pairing issues?

If you have any issue with the pairing of skullcandy wireless headset than you came to right place. The biggest challenge with truly wireless ear buds is maintaining a paired status between both independent buds. There are times when the user will accidentally clear one side without the other, this can create a pairing challenge as each side will now be in different search modes when powered on.

Solution :-

  1. Turn the Bluetooth on your device OFF.
  2. Power on your INDY buds (NON_CONNECTED or non-paired state due to Bluetooth being off on your device)
  3. Tap the center of EACH bud 4 times. This will automatically power off the ear bud and reset your ear buds. You must complete this action on BOTH ear buds while in this non-connected state.
  4. Next, place the buds back in the case then pull them out to have them power on and start the process of paring to one another.
  5. You will hear a voice prompt that will notify you that it is now “Pairing” and one beep indicating the buds have paired together.
  6. At this time, turn your device’s Bluetooth back on and re-pair it to INDY. In some cases, you will want to forget INDY on your device and scan until INDY is identified again and you can select it.

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