How to Remove the card from YouTube?

So many of us think that’s why we should provide card details to YouTube, so don’t worry give them the details we have the best solution.

Here we discuss How to Remove the card from YouTube? if you want to remove your card from YouTube then here we give you some steps to remove your cards.

Remove the card from YouTube
Remove the card from YouTube

Steps to remove the card from YouTube:

  • 1) First Open
  • 2) On the left, click Help.
  • 3) Search and open”Manage your payment method.”
  • 4) There is “Delete a payment method” if you click on this then a dropdown is open then Click on “Google Pay”.
  • 5) Then the payment method is open and your card information has given.
  • 6) Your name and the card number is given.
  • 7) Under the payment method you want to remove, click on Remove
  • 8) The pop-up message for the confirmation to remove a card then click on the Remove button given in the right corner.

Then your card easily removes from YouTube and Google account also.

Most people think their card is not safe and if they want to remove their card then follow these above steps.

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