How to Unlink Facebook from Instagram?

Hello everyone here we are going to discuss about “how to unlink facebook from instagram?”.

If you no longer want this linked account then there are some ways to unlink the accounts.To unlink the accounts, First you need to disconnect your facebook account from the instagram account.

How to Unlink Facebook from Instagram?
How to Unlink Facebook from Instagram?

After the unlink you are not able to share you instagram post/photos to facebook account automatically and also cannot connect to your facebook friends.

If you wants to unlink your accounts then follow some steps:

1)First, Open your instagram application on your smartphone.

2)Press the “Profile” button given in the corner and then tap to three horizontal lines given at the top right of the smartphone screen.

3)Press the “Setting” button given at the bottom of the menu.

4)Open list of the setting, then tap to “Accounts”.

5)Then tap to “Linked Accounts”.

6)If your instagram connected to facbook then facebook icon will be blue .

7)Tap at the blue facebook icon and then there some list will come at your screen and at the bottom there is unlink option.

8)Press the “unlink”.

Then your account unlinked to Facebook .

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