How to unlock Samsung Galaxy S9?

Many times footing are not always in our favor and it turns out to be in way you may need to shift another carrier or other network.So,let’s check How to unlock Samsung Galaxy S9?

According to recent law in the United States,India and many other countries & states now a carrier has to allow you to unlock a device that you have and want to use without creating any complication.

So,you all are here to know about how u can unlock Samsung Galaxy S9.

How to unlock Samsung Galaxy S9

How to SIM Unlock your Galaxy S9

Let me tell you how you can SIM unlock your galaxy S9 for all those carriers or network services providers which previously have a SIM unlock code for users upon shifting to the next network or buying a new SIM card of another company.

You have to simply follow the below provided instructions in order to unlock samsung Galaxy S9 using code if you already have a code provided by the carrier.

Instructions you have to follow for unlocking samsung Galaxy S9 using code:-

  • Dial *#06# to find IMEI number of your device(Galaxy S9)
  • Disclose IMEI number to your carrier’s customer services agent to get SIM unlock code
  • Turn your device off
  • Later remove the SIM tray and insert the new SIM card you wish to use
  • Turn your device on and you will see a pop-up box asking for the SIM unlocking code
  • Enter the SIM unlock code in the given place and then click the unlock button
  • Once you enter the correct code your Samsung Galaxy S9 unlocked successfully, everything will happen automatically on device and you will be free to use for the chosen carrier

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