Microsoft Edge VS Google Chrome 2020! Which is best?

Microsoft Edge VS Google Chrome 2020! Welcome back friends, Today we will discuss Microsoft edge VS Google chrome.

Microsoft has been trying to become better as year by year in the browser battles since they launched terminal in the mid-1990s.

Talking about Microsoft Edge VS Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge Chromium on January 15, 2020, by Paul Thurrott, has the potential to get them closer to that goal.

Assuredly, they had to use the same foundational coding as Google Chrome to do this. It is the first non-beta version of the new edge browser available on both windows and mac.

Talking about Microsoft Edge VS Google Chrome, Google Chrome is a browser for locating the World Wide Web and controlling Web-based applications by google. Google launched Chrome in 2008 and upshots various updates a year available on both windows and mac operating systems.

Microsoft Edge VS Google Chrome

Google Chrome or Microsoft edge(chromium Version), Which browser is the better? Both are related, as developed on the chromium platform.

Google Chrome and the new Edge are both formed from the open-source Chromium project, and that makes them very similar on the exterior.

There are some differences between the two browsers, that make them unique in some ways or excellent in others.

In my opinion, I spent some time with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge on my device. Here are some of the functions you usually find in browsers and how Google Chrome and New Edge utilize those benefits.

1) User interface:

The user interface is similar at both Chrome and New edge. They both have rounded corners and drop shadow effects.

Microsoft Edge VS Google Chrome
Microsoft User interface
Chrome User interface

Same as bookmarks bar, both show the bar only on new tabs. There are three options edge gives for your new tab are:

  • Focused theme: This shows your most frequently visited sites.
  • Inspirational: This shows various images every day.
  • Informational: This gives you customized news provisions.
  • Google chrome has one option for a Focused theme.

2) Extensions

Chromium-based Microsoft Edge extensions specially designed found in the Microsoft store but you can download it all in one place with google extensions.

Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge both have access to extensions that accommodate more functionality.

To access these extensions,

  1. Click three dots on the upper up right corner of your screen.
    2.Select Extensions.
  2. Generate the pop-up box “Allow extensions from other stores” then Click “Allow.”
    In this case, the overall experience extensions are quiet better on Google chrome.

3) Syncing:

Microsoft New edge does not allow you to sync your browser history between devices while Google chrome syncs your browser and works the same on different devices so, chrome is yet better.

4) Collections:

In the case, Microsoft edge puts google chrome behind.

Collections allow the user to collect information from many different sources and put them in one place to refer to again.

Collections are not live on the current version, but you can use it by downloading the Canary version. Microsoft Edge gives these features:-

  • Click three dots on the upper up right corner of your screen.
  • Select Collections.
  • you can add collections or any current pages from different options.

5) Speed or performance:

In speed tests, there is no difference between the performance of these two browsers. both Google chrome and Microsoft edge are excellent.

6) Apps:

In Microsoft New edge, you can install any website into a standalone application using PWA(Progressive web app). PWA allows you a desktop shortcut that directs to the site. Google Chrome can’t do these

  1. Click three dots on the upper up right corner of your screen.
  2. Select Apps.
  3. You can install the site as an app.

7) Immersive Reading:

In this case, Microsoft Edge has an immersive reading view that removes all the extra diversions from the page and transmits only the text and other important content.

Immersive Reading

It reads both on desktop and mobile. Google Chrome requires an extension. Google Chrome has a reader mode, but you want to install an extension for both read aloud and reader view.

8) Privacy and Security:

In this Microsoft New edge focus on Privacy and services features.

There are three levels of tracking protection that controls the level of tracking possible of your browser.

Privacy and Security
Privacy and Security
  1. Basic: In this, You will get a lot of customization, but you will have lighter privacy.
  2. Balanced: Is is the default option. which lets you get some customization and blocks anything probably harmful.
  3. Strict: If you want more then you can bump up to strict. Just be aware some websites may not work correctly.
    If you want to Change your tracking level protection privacy then.
  4. Click three dots on the upper up right corner of your screen.
  5. Go to Settings > Privacy and Services.
    If you want to find out trackers have been blocked on the websites on Edge
  6. Click on the Lock icon to the left of the address bar.
  7. Then Click Trackers at the bottom of the menu.
  8. You will see the list.

In this case, Chrome doesn’t do this. Google Chrome has a similar result using an extension. Both browsers have similar permissions.

In Google Chrome, you can only do this two options: allow or block for all sites or not. In Microsoft Edge, you have customized which permits you to give on an Opportunity basis.

Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge both have private browsing tabs. In Google chrome, You will get the incognito tab, while In Microsoft Edge, You will get it listed as InPrivate.

Now, All you decide which one is best for you Microsoft edge(chromium Version) or google chrome?

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