The reason behind the Rise of Dream11! Remarkable

Dream11 & only Dream11 everyone is talking about this most famous fantasy sports application and trust me its growing day by day but dream11 will not stop here. Let’s see Rise of Dream11,

Rise of Dream11

In 2008 Harsh Jain and Bhavit Sheth co-founded Dream11. Users were increasing day by day and in 2014 it reached 1 million subscribers. Following that, in 2018 It reached 45 million subscribers. In 2019, Dream 11 became a unicorn startup. Dream11 is valued at 1.1 billion.

I mean really 1.1 billion its huge amount if you look it from fantasy sports platform and definitely that’s Rise of Dream11

How the valuation of Dream11 increased?

Let’s go behind when Dream11 was having less than 1 million subscribers. Many users were using 3 to 4 IDs to play D11 and D11 has a rule of 1 pan card with 1 bank account.

So many users were transferring the winning amount from 1 dream11 account to dream11 connected with their bank account. Do you know? Dream11 was allowing the transfer of money from one D11 account to another but later on, D11 stopped that process. And really that was a good move for the company which lead to rising, yes Rise of Dream11.

Rise of Dream11

Valuation Increased Because of many companies invested in Dream11 After 2016.

Companies invested in Dream11

  1. Steadview Capital
  2. Tencent (13%)
  3. Kalaari Capital
  4. Think Investments
  5. Multiples Equity

Yes, Tencent too invested in Dream11. Many questions were raised in front of BCCI for providing Chinese company sponsorship again. But BCCI said that Dream11 is an Indian start-up with single-digit Chinese investment which is negligible and can be resolved internally.

Tencent had invested $100 million in Dream11 for a majority stake in the fantasy cricket league platform as part of the latter’s Series D funding in September 2018.

Dream11 valuation increased more when M.S. Dhoni became part of Dream11 as Brand Ambassador. Dhoni was very much excited to buy some stakes in Dream11 but due to some reasons, the deal was not done. Firstly, Harsha Bhogle was signed as Brand Ambassador of Dream11.

By combing all their stacks and managing brand ambassador Dream11 became a leading company in fantasy sports play. and that’s the main reason behind Rising of Dream11

Winning strategy in Dream11

Does Dream11 really pays you?

D11 offers free and paid contests user has to pay a certain fee for joining a contest and can really win real cash.

Does Dream11 has any algorithm to win contest?

Yes, Dream11 has its BOT teams to maintain that algorithm. If you have played a lot of matches you can easily catch that by downloading the PDF of winners list there would we around 200000 names. and you will find that levels ending with number 9 lead to winning more matches. E.g 9,29,39,49,59,129,159 users level wins most of the matches every time.

When you join a contest before 15min, suppose your match is going to start at 5.00 pm and you will join the contest at 4.45 pm where only 70% of users have joined than within 15min contest will be full as remaining 30% users are BOT teams by dream11 itself.

But as Dream11 gives real money to users, they don’t worry about anything unless and until they get money. Dream11 has a brilliant strategy to gain profit from users itself and that leads to rising of Dream11

That all about Dream11 if you want to know more about Dream11 let us know, comment us.

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