Samsung Galaxy Buds X may Release with Price Tag of $150

The new Samsung Galaxy Buds X may arrive with noise-canceling features and a great price and Apple’s AirPods Pro may certainly have a competitor now.

Samsung Galaxy Buds X may release with noise cancellation with price tag of $150 and that’s good price range as far i know the budget of earbuds all over world,if you know some good earbuds please comment us and let us know.

Samsung Galaxy Buds X

There are leaks and trademark applications of Samsung been working on a this new pair of wireless earbuds.New trademark granted by the US patent office can confirm that the Buds X will Release soon. According to a South Korean publication, these devices would cost 170,000 won($140).

Price tag is not fix yet many of claims coming out many of other websites are claiming different different price which are i.e, $100,$140,$150,$200. So,We can think of price range between $100 – $200.

If this claims are truthful to think about than,This Buds X could cost around $100 less than the AirPods Pro,yeah!! you read it right, and they would also include noise cancellation. These wireless earbuds are supposed to arrive with a bean-like design and bring more surface area to include better touch-sensitive controls.

According to 9to5Google, they would measure 28m long and 12mm wide, and charging case could measure 26mm, which would make this case smaller than the one on the Galaxy Buds +.

Samsung Galaxy Buds X may include noise cancelation for less than $140 and that’s really a big thing in earbud industry now let’s wait and watch what samsung does and when will this new pair of samsung earbuds will launch.

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