Samsung planning towards 600 MP

Samsung is aiming to develop a 600MP sensor. Yes you heard it right, just think 600 MP ,OMG!! its going to be Camera beast if Samsung launches this Smartphone having 600MP.

Samsung Camera sensors will have resolutions of as high as 600MP. Talking about camera and Samsung always has one step lead over other companies Smartphones.but main thing is that Samsung will have to maintain resolution with same pixel and i’m sure Samsung will think about it because 600MP is much bigger thing to think in cell phone industry.

Samsung planning towards 600 MP

Imagine Photos taken from 600MP Phone it will be much clear and super shot will show you what you naked eyes can’t doesn’t this seems dream come true for photographer that they have to carry only a Smartphone for photoshoot just kidding i know nothing can match DSLR love.

Samsung is also in talk for developing camera sensors for self-determining vehicles and drones.Let’s wait and watch.

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