WhatsApp is going to add some important features for video calling

WhatsApp video calls

Yes, You read it right.Soon you will have rights to add more members than usual in WhatsApp video calls.

There is not a specific number to disclose to you but it can be 5 to 6 number of participants as per our research.

As Zoom and Google duo have made changes in there system and are treading all over so,how can whatsapp remain behind i know till date it is but soon it will grow.

If whatsapp seriously launches this features than Zoom will not remain in trending Apps of video conference and will not be in list as Zoom has paid subscription too and some security issue too.

It is said to be that this version for whatsapp will be only available for iOS but wait a minute do you think whatsapp will let there android user’s to switch to other conferencing apps?? No a big No..

As of now,WhatsApp allows only four users to participate in a video call.

However, WhatsApp’s latest Android beta proposed that the limit may be increased in upcoming days.This feature hasn’t been enabled yet.

Google Duo and Zoom allow video calling with much number of people at a time. Hence, are treading all over in the world.

As there is no confirmation from whatsapp and not a accurate date to launch this feature as only option is to wait for confirmation.

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