Another month Another phone ,

Here vivo comes with it’s latest Smartphone and some rightly needed changed design.

When we talk about Vivo phones that directly indicates us to THE CAMERA phone bcoz vivo has focused much on Camera in every V-series phone instead of Features and Performance and surprisingly i see same with VIVO V17.

  • E3 Super AMOLED
  • iView Display
  • Power Full Performance
  • Super Night Mode Selfie
  • 32MP Front Camera
  • 48MP AI QUAD Rear Camera

Changes which differentiate VIVO V17 from other VIVO phones is only designing.(talking About Camera , Display and Look wise)

IT’s Not Out of the box phone from Vivo The Brand.


48MP AI QUAD Rear Camera:- It includes,

  • 48MP – Main camera
  • 8MP – Super Wide angel Camera
  • 2MP – Micro Camera
  • 2MP – Bokehcamera

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