Where samsung phones are made?

Samsung phones has its headquarters in Samsung Town, Seoul, South Korea, Samsung Electronics has its headquarters at Suwon, South Korea.

Nowdays many people are not happy to buy phone from china as many of them said that it gets blast and many other issue as country rights.But it is valid or correct news that samsung manufactures their smartphone in china?

Now,let find out,

Samsung has its mobile phone manufacturing factories at 6 locations – Vietnam, China, India, Brazil, Indonesia, and South Korea. 50% of Samsung mobile phone are made in Vietnam and 8% in Korea. Rest is manufactured in India, Brazil, Indonesia and China.

headquarters at Suwon, South Korea

In the year 2018, Samsung opened a new mobile phone manufacturing plant / factory in Noida, UP, India to expand its manufacturing capabilities. This new factory in India is World’s largest mobile phone manufacturing factory. The new factory is setup as part of Make in India Initiative.

Which Country Made Samsung Mobile Phone is Best

Well, 50% of Samsung phones are made in Vietnam and 8% in Korea. Rest is manufactured in India, Brazil and China.They are all made with the same engineering design, formula, Types of PCBElectronic Components and other material. Only the location and man power are different.

Are Samsung phones made in China?

Samsung is no longer manufacturing phones in China.

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