Which is Better Realme or Redmi?

This blog is all About comparing two brands One is Realme and another one is Redmi.

Both are now big brands but Redmi stand to be bigger than Realme in comparison as Realme is new competitor in market and Redmi is like old wine getting older with being better day by day.

Which is Better Realme or Redmi?
Which is Better Realme or Redmi?

Realme VS Redmi Market value

Once,Xiaomi CEO said that the overall profit margin for their products is only about 5%. When they came to India only Samsung, HTC, Nokia are major companies.

Realme entered the Indian market just an year ago.They said their overall profit margin is about only 3%.

Both are good, Even the strategy of both the companies are same, i.e. providing the great smartphones at reasonable price.

But,Xiaomi market share is dropped for about 3% in first quarter of 2019 compared to 2018, Realme occupied 7% market share in first quarter of 2019.

Realme Pros and cons

  • Realme doesn’t have much tweaking the modification options available.
  • Realme have community and forums.
  • They too have fitness bands or smart TVs as newly launched in 2020 and many to come.
  • They also have Realme.com with services similar to Xiaomi with no accidental damage protection unlike Xiaomi.
  • Display Quality of Realme devices are better than Xiaomi devices to an extend.
  • Their flash sales are live for quite sometime and any customer can easily buy the product without the fear of getting out of stock.

Redmi Pros and cons

  • Xiaomi has a better tweaking friendly device
  • They have a vast community known as mi community and Mi forum in which we can join and ask our Queries.
  • They have their own app store that comes pre-installed with the device.
  • They have Mi band series which is a fitness tracker.
  • They have also launched Smart TV even with 4K Display.
  • They own website called mi.com which sells all these products.
  • Xiaomi phones specially redmi series have Heating issues and saying it with personal experience.
  • Flash sales doesn’t have enough stocks to buy and goes out of stocks within the beginning of the sales.

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