Which phones have android 10?

The authoritative name of Android Q is now here, Google announced that new version of Android Q will be officially known as Android 10.

Which phones have android 10?

Does Android 9 and Android 10 have any difference?

In Android 9, ‘Automatic brightness adjusts’ and ‘Adaptive battery‘ functionality improved the battery levels whereas in Android Q, the dark mode, and an upgraded adaptive battery setting is introduced which makes the system use less battery and have a long run.

Find out does our phone have Android Q?

You can visit phones full specification by clicking on names of the phoe you wish to view now let’s come and watch which phones have this version of android update.

Android 10 phone List


  • Rs. 12,999
  • Rs. 16,999
  • Rs. 13,900
  • Rs. 16,999
  • Rs. 27,240
  • Rs. 7,499
  • Rs. 23,899
  • Rs. 10,999
  • Rs. 34,999
  • Rs. 29,999
Andoid Q

Android Q Features

  • A dark mode update
  • Smart Reply for all messaging apps
  • A better sharing menu
  • Focus Mode
  • An improved Files app
  • Overhauled permissions
  • Wi-Fi sharing via QR codes
  • Gestures, app drawers play nicely

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