Which Programming Language You Should Learn In 2020?

There are many Languages in this programming world to learn.But is it necessary to learn all Programming Languages,NO is my answer Learn what you want in which type of code.For Example :- Take Ruby it has easiest Syntax and Coding you can learn it easily and can work on it or else for it. Okay lets Go through some of the programming Languages, Hope that make’s you clear which Programming Language to Choose and Learn,

Programming Languages

Firstly, Let’s talk About Languages which are steadily growing In past years ,

  2. JAVA
  5. RUBY

Above Languages are most growing programming languages in past years,Python(2018),C language(2017),Java(2015),JavaScript(2014),Ruby(2016).

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Python is very much versatile and popular programming language.
It is easy to read, and its also a healthy language to have in any programmer’s Hit-List as it can be used for everything like web development,software development and scientific applications.

Python is prefer for someone like data scientist on ML Projects.Python is very much popular that many software industries searches for python programmer as Machine language,Artificial intelligence,robotics and much more are driven by python.Python is dynamically Typed.

Python can be used for flexibility coding whereas java is used for straight forward coding.Python is greater in itself.Podcast._.int is best podcast for them who are ready to drive deep in learning python.


Java is Evergreen Programming Language in Software industry but as its Little bit hard to work on but nothing is impossible remember,focus of 6 months can make you good at java programming language.Java is statically Typed.

Errors can’t be compile until you solve the errors in java as it contains errors.Both java and python has royal battle but java has edge of python in some of ways but python is not bad as its easy for beginners.


JavaScript is one of the most popular Programming language in Software market and it widely used by many IT companies.

JavaScript is found everywhere on the web.JavaScript allows developers to add interactive elements to their websites or web pages. JavaScript presence is felt across the internet.

JavaScript library called J Query is used to make our JavaScript work even easier than before.JavaScript often works alongside HTML,but its becoming very much commonly used Programming Language for web apps to be built entirely in JavaScript.

Its mostly used by upcoming companies and by startup because of its speed and simplicity.

C Language

C Language is most popular Programming Language in this list and i think oldest too.

C Language is widely used and in many university it is used as first and compulsory Programming Language to learn in Computer Science and IT Department.

Embedded C is also used for hardware purpose of projects like in car,gadgets and other devices.C Language has features which makes it perfectly qualified for operating systems and embedded systems.Basically Because of its relatively less run-time.

C Language is perfect for keeping these systems lean.


Ruby has much less codes compare to other Programming Languages explained above.The language itself have a beautiful syntax and Easy to learn that is why Programmers love Ruby as Developer.

Ruby provide much power to one line codes compare to other.you can read more about RUBY click here.

Now,let us know which language you are going to learn??

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