Wireless Charging Tablets

I wish Qi should work thoroughly on any compatible devices, wireless charging for tablets is raising objection towards many of branded Companies.

There are only few Qi-capable Tablets at current situation in market and reason for that is apparently the higher power consumption of devices and a too larger batteries of this devices.

we all agree that smartphones wireless charging is far better than tablet ones but sometimes i really feel that wireless charging does not make any sense for tablets.many of tablet users i know and from our research we have founded that many users uses tablet only when they are home so they can charge it or else any place where there can be charging points available..Strange???yes..!!but its reality.

Wireless Charging Tablets

Only few devices have been launched with QI in categories for tablets.Why??does this question comes in your mind??okay don’t worry we will discuss it afterwards after showing you list of tablets have facility of wireless charging.

How many tablets have wireless charging?

  • Samsung Galaxy Fold – 7.3 inches
  • Huawei Matepad Pro – 10.8 inches
  • Google Nexus 7 – 7 inches
  • HP TouchPad – 9.7 inches

Does companies fear to launch QI??for more tablets..i think so because they can be judged from that as well..yeah or else because tablets belongs to small targeted group of people using it..its possible may be..

Does wireless charging makes any sense for tablets?

As i have said you i really don’t think so.it’s heavy device to use it uses much more battery and charging too takes too long to be done full.why most of people will prefer this kind of devices have wireless charging and if you are ways still it will need cables to charge.

No doubt i m big fan of Qi but for tablets?it’s still tough.

But yes it makes sense when it comes to good charging holder for wireless charging.there are some good holders one of then is AUKEY Luna from NEXUS.its perfect if you wish to have wireless charging for your tablet.

 Currently Qi wireless chargers may work technically with today’s tablets, most of them don’t work well as expected.

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